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Tips From Heather

Heather Boss, Owner of Fit To Be Tan

I’m so glad you’ve chosen Fit to be Tan for your airbrush tanning! Below is what I recommend and hope you follow closely. After years of experimenting with soaps and lotions myself, and spraying different skin types, I highly encourage you to do the following:

  • Please shave your legs the night before and moisturize really well before bed. Exfoliate THOROUGHLY as well.
  • Good moisture is KEY in maintaining a good tan. If you regularly moisturize your skin with our paraben and SLS free body lotion, then your spray tan will take very well. If you have exceptionally dry skin, I recommend moisturizing twice a day in the days prior to your session. This will increase the level of skin moisture and allow for an improved tan. The LATEST you should lotion your skin prior to tanning is the morning of an evening appointment. Any later will result in a splotchy tan.
  • Do NOT use Dove soaps or any Dove products either just before tanning or while you have the tan.
  • If you do not regularly moisturize, you could be disappointed with your tan in general. The tan may not last as long as you would like and/or might fade quickly. We recommend that our clients maintain a good moisturizing schedule not only to augment your tan, but to improve your skin quality in general.
  • Please do not wear make-up at the time of your session. We have restrooms for you to wash your face if need be.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing and flip flops. Stretch pants/leggings do not qualify as loose fitting. Please do not wear any tight fitting clothing (including jeans and boots). Tight fitting clothes adorned after the tan will alter the consistency of the tan across your body and will lead to blotchiness.
  • During the session, most clients choose to wear their under-garments. However, you may choose to wear whatever feels most comfortable. The tanning solution does not stain your clothing, so there is no jeopardy in spraying while wearing undergarments.
  • No sweating for 6-8 hours after session. No showering for 6-8 hours after your session either; the longer your leave the initial tan on, the better.
  • Showering and working out the next day is okay.
  • Remember — everyone’s skin is different. Your tan may not fully develop for 24 hours. It is recommended that you wait at least that long before getting a second spray. You may get darker than you think.