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Fit To Be Tan© In Arlington, Va

FTBT strives to provide a safe, reliable sunless tanning experience utilizing natural and all-natural solutions, with a sincere concern for client’s health and well-being. FTBT also aims to educate tanning bed users and UV-ray tanners on the severe cancer risks they are exposing themselves to, and to suggest our services as a healthier and risk-free alternative.

Fit to be Tan’s primary service is sunless or airbrush tanning. With increased awareness of the problems of skin damage from extensive exposure to the sun, demand is increasing for healthy/safer alternatives to tanning among today’s men and women. FTBT uses all-natural solutions to provide healthy non-sun tanning appearances for its clients.

A certified technician sprays the client from head to toe with solution, providing a very personalized service requiring no human contact. The average session can be from 10-20 minutes depending upon the size and experience of the client (i.e., experienced tanning customers can be sprayed more quickly since they are familiar with the “poses” during the spray and do not need multiple questions answered by the technician). Drying time is only 3-5 minutes per client and is done in the privacy of the tanning room.

FTBT also sells lotions, creams and other products that enhance the life of the sunless tan. These products are offered as a service to clients, who frequently ask about products that will extend the life of the tan. FTBT has additional products that assist and promote healthy skin care.

About Heather Boss

Heather Boss is the principal owner and founder of Fit to be Tan, LLC, the first airbrush-only tanning studio in the Washington DC area. Mrs. Boss began researching non UV-based tanning methods in early 2007, searching for healthier alternatives to tanning beds that could still achieve a sun-kissed glow. Her research led her to her first airbrush tanning equipment purchases, and she began experimenting on friends with various solutions and airbrush spray techniques until arriving at a successful combination that has enabled the company’s growth over the past 5 years.

Heather Boss, Owner of Fit To Be Tan©

After initially spraying friends for fun out of her home, word began to spread outside of Mrs. Boss’ circle and soon demand for her airbrush services began to grow. Mrs. Boss hired and trained her first airbrush spray technician employees, who worked out of her home, to help meet the growing tanning demand. Within 8 months, Fit to be Tan was servicing dozens of clients per week and began searching for a conventional retail space to meet the growing demand for her services.

Mrs. Boss’ vision for Fit to be Tan is focused not only on providing airbrush tanning services, but also on promoting healthy skin care for her clients. She preaches awareness of the hazards of sun damage, the risks involved in UV-based tanning methods and promotes skin cancer awareness. She is a constant proponent of advanced skin care methods for her customers, which not only leads to better and longer lasting tans, but also leads to healthier and happier clients.

Mrs. Boss was born in Oklahoma and spent most of her childhood in Southwest Virginia. She studied Marketing at Lynchburg College and transitioned to the Airbrush Tanning industry after owning her own insurance agency for 10 years. She resides in Arlington, VA.

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