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June 2014: “I got a personalized spray tan here. It looked so great and my technician made me feel comfortable even though i was wearing next to nothing as she sprayed every inch of my pale (very pale) skin. Will definitely return!”

Rachel S., Santa Monica CA,
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The Fit to be Tan Process

About Fit to be Tan

About Fit To Be Tan

FTBT strives to provide a safe, reliable sunless tanning experience utilizing natural and all-natural solutions, with a sincere concern for client’s health and well-being. FTBT also aims to educate tanning bed users and UV-ray tanners on the severe cancer risks they are exposing themselves to, and to suggest our services as a healthier and risk-free alternative.

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How Airbrush Tanning Works

How Airbrush Tanning Works

After entering the tanning room your spray technician will discuss color preference with you and answer any remaining questions you might have. Then, you will disrobe to your comfort level and then enter the “overspray” booth to begin your custom airbrush tanning session, applied by one of our trained Airbrush Spray Technicians.

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At Fit to be Tan, the safety of our clients and our staff is of the utmost importance — we follow all FDA Safety Recommendations for spray tanning.
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